vrBackupper 2.0

Backs up, restores, and migrates Oculus installation directory
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Users of Oculus virtual reality products, such as Rift or Touch, will find vrBackupper to be a useful little tool. AOMEI has developed this free one-purpose app to back up and restore your Oculus installation, complete with games, apps, etc., and to migrate or move your Oculus installation directory to a different drive to avoid running out of disk space.

This is not yet another general-purpose backup and restore utility. Even though designed and made available by one of the leading developers of backup software, vrBackupper is not part of the Backupper suite of tools for which AOMEI has won worldwide acclaim. This is a one-purpose dedicated app that is only of service to Oculus users, and it offers them two main functions – one to move or migrate your Oculus installation (as opposed to downloading and re-installing Oculus from scratch), and another one to back up and restore not only Oculus itself, but also all the software associated with it (games, apps, etc.).

When you launch vrBackupper, the first thing the program does is search for your Oculus installation directory. If Oculus is not present on your PC yet, the program will show an error message that will also block its functionality. Once found, you will be allowed to migrate or make a backup copy of your Oculus installation in one simple step. When moving Oculus to a different location, the program will not only copy all the files required, but it will also make sure that no functionality is lost in the process. All your games, apps, and whatever Oculus hardware products you had associated to your account will work in the new location as smoothly as it did in the previous one. The backup and restore processes are just as straightforward and easy to perform as with any other AOMEI backup tool – just select a backup or restore file, click on the corresponding Start button and wait for the program to do the work for you.

vrBackupper is simple, efficient, and delivers what it promises. It does not come with all the best and whistles that we find in other AOMEI Backupper products, but it simply doesn’t need to – this is a tool for Oculus users only, and they will surely appreciate the opportunity it gives them to move and keep backup copies of their Oculus-related files without going through the tedious process of downloading and re-installing them all over again.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Migrates Oculus Rift installation directory
  • Keeps all Oculus functionality intact
  • One-click backup and restore tasks


  • No drawbacks found
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